Games developers face several unique risks, including intellectual property infringements, licensing issues and consumer data breaches, software failures, server downtime and cyber threats.

Game insurance and Games Developer Insurance

The gaming industry is super competitive. It pays to be first to market with a new game, app or idea to steal a march on your competition.

The journey of developing a game can be fraught with dangers though; regardless of if you are bootstrapping or seeking investment to grow the business you will face several risks that could derail the business. We would split these into two categories of claims (should they arise):

Risks associated with the game and its development:

  • Contractual, Legal and Licensing issues
  • User privacy and identity theft
  • Product liability,
  • Theft of your or alleged infringement of third-parties intellectual property
  • You are found to you have deliberately designed an addictive game which has caused harm

Risks associated with the running of the business:

  • Disgruntled investors and associated legal issues
  • Employment practices and/or control of employee behaviour
  • Damage and/or theft of business property
  • The personal liability of Directors, Officers and Senior Managers are at risk for decisions they make

We partner with game developers to walk them through the risks and exposures during each stage of game development, plotting a course of insurable risks, we develop an insurance plan to balance the liabilities with the appropriate insurance cover.

We take our time working with clients on tailored risk and insurance plans and then select the insurance partners with the proper knowledge to comprehend your business and its associated dangers.



UK-based expert support, online and on the phone. Specific Claims and Risk Management advice, along with technical bulletins are provided throughout the policy period.


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Quotations can be obtained once you have spoken to our Technology team, who will work with you and tailor insurance to the specialist activities you undertake.

Your Business. Covered!

We can provide a range of covers as part of esports and gaming insurance to keep you and your business protected.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Protection for your business for negligent acts, errors/omissions/actual negligent acts. PI Insurance for Game Developers will also cover the legal costs of litigation should a claim arise out of issues such as Contractual, Legal and Licensing issues, or where you are claimed to have deliberately designed a game to be addictive.

Management Liability Insurance
Financial support for claims made against the company, its senior staff or its Directors’s & Officers’ from members of the public, employers or investors.

Cyber Cover Insurance
Cyber Cover offers assistance to you and third parties if a Cyber Event occurs. An example would be a cyber event which has breached your systems and user data has been stolen.

Intellectual Property Insurance
Fighting infringements and licensing issues can be costly, this insurance cover can provide the funds for the fight.

Public and Product Liability
These insurances cover your business should a claim arise from the general public and consumers. Whilst you may not deal with the public, you can still have people visiting your officers and should an accident occur you still could be liable. If you run events as part of your marketing, then you should consider specific Event Insurance too.

Product liability would be applicable if you make consumables (for example a VR headset or ingame device) which cause harm.

Protect your office and Equipment
Add our Office Insurance policy to provide cover for business premises and equipment against disasters such as a flood or fire, accidents, acts of vandalism and burglary. Cover can essentially cover all the property, including your specialised technical equipment and components that you decide needs to be insured.

Fidelity Insurance
Provides cover for loss of money and other property resulting from fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by an employee or volunteer.


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