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Members Insurance Scheme

CIAT insurance services is a collaboration between CIAT and MFL Insurance Group.

CIAT Insurance Services provides a suite of insurance products, claims and risk management services, including a bespoke Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme, as an exclusive membership benefit to CIAT Members.

Some key benefits are:

  • Competitive premiums
  • Wide Civil Liability PI policy
  • Choose and buy the covers and limits that you need
  • Finance options are available or pay using a credit or debit card

CIAT insurance Services is a trading name of MFL Insurance Group Limited.



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CIAT members can use our facility whether a sole practitioner or part of a larger practice.


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Professional Indemnity Insurance for CIAT Members

Insurance to protect you against the professional liabilities you may incur in the course of your business.
The following is a summary of cover benefits and features provided as standard.

Full Civil Liability
If you’re found liable for compensation, damages or costs in a civil court because of a problem with your advice or professional services, you’re covered – even if you’re not specifically aware that you are.

Loss or Damage to Documents
These must be documents owned by a Third Party that are in your physical custody and control. A claim for a loss must arise where a third party has suffered some financial loss due to your negligence in storing of important documents.

Fidelity Cover
Provides cover for loss of money and other property resulting from fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by an employee or volunteer.

Inadvertent Non-Disclosure
You will be covered if a client claims information is not presented and its found that such non-disclosure or misrepresentation was innocent and free from any fraudulent conduct or intent to deceive.

Arbitration, Expert Witness and Lecturing
You will be covered in respect of claims arising from their serving on committees, boards, tribunals, professional associations and the like or acting as expert witnesses or arbitrators or lecturers.

CIAT Arbitration Scheme Clause
You will be covered, subject to the terms, exclusions, conditions and definitions in your policy for awards against you under the CIAT Arbitration Scheme.

Joint Ventures / Consortiums
Cover is provided for civil liability should you become legally liable to pay, whether jointly or severally, which arises out of the conduct of Professional Business, whilst a member of a joint venture or consortium.

Infringement on Copyright
Cover is provided in the form of financial support, if you are alleged to have used or taken works created by someone else and past off as your own, or if you bring about a claim because a Third Party has infringed your Copyright.

Indemnity for use of sub-consultants
Cover is provided for civil liability should you become liable for claims arising out of the use of self-employed or contract hire persons in the condust of Professional Business.

FREE Legal Helpline
Provides fast, efficient telephone assistance for one-off queries relating to the conduct of your business.

FREE Contract vetting and Collateral Warranty Service
Review contracts to ensure they don’t impose obligations which may not be covered by your Professional Indemnity insurance.

IN-HOUSE claims service
Our claims team are on hand to support you through the claims process, ensuring you are informed at every stage.

Cover and cover limits as per CIAT Insurance Services Professional Indemnity policy wording. Exclusions apply. The above is a summary of the insurance cover and added value services only. We recommend you read the policy wording in full to make sure you understand what is covered by this insurance, the limits of indemnity and the exclusions.

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Your Professional Indemnity Quote

Your profession. Covered!

When talking about your Professional Indemnity Insurance cover, you can choose to add on extra products to further protect your Liabilities, Property and Cyber risk.

Office Insurance

Provides cover for business premises and equipment against disasters such as a flood or fire, accidents, acts of vandalism and burglary.

Cyber Cover Insurance

Cyber Cover offers assistance if a cyber event affects your business or a clients ability to operate.

Management Liability Insurance

Provides financial protection and possible legal support for Directors and Officers arising from claims regarding employment practices, corporate liability or where made against the business.

Public & Employers Liability Insurance

Provides cover for your liabilities should a claim arise from the public or your employees.

Motor Fleet

Typically aims to provide fleet insurance cover for your vehicles.


Insurance FAQs

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance protects you and your business from the costs of compensating a client if you make a mistake in a piece of work for a client that causes them financial or reputational loss.

When you’re looking for professional indemnity insurance, it’s not always easy to get the guidance you need to find a policy that’s right for you. Thats because it isn’t like a general commercial insurance policy; and therefore not all ‘general’ insurance brokers have the expertise to advise you correctly.

Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, the cost of defending yourself against claims for negligence or mistakes that leave your client out of pocket can be very high.

  • Negligence – if you provide incorrect advice or make a mistake
  • Breach of confidence – sharing (commercially) sensitive information without permission
  • Lost or damaged documents, money or goods – if you lose money, or lose/damage documents or goods whilst in your care
  • Defamation – If you produce or support libellous comments
  • Breach of copyright – Limited cover is available if you infringe copyright, trademarks or intellectual property (see intellectual property insurance for our full cover option)
  • Employees – If your employee causes a loss for a client

For more information about general Professional Indemnity Insurance click here

What is the difference between Civil Liability and Neglience Cover only?

A negligence-based policy provides coverage for breach of duty of care by way of negligent act error or omission. There is no coverage for claims based on breach of contract or statute law.

A Civil Liability policy does not set boundaries (other than the exclusions) as to the nature of the wrongdoing. It may encompass more than just negligent acts errors or omissions and include breach of duty of trust, conflicts of interest, breach of statute law and defamation. These may not necessarily arise from negligence and therefore may not be covered under a negligence policy.

Most civil liability policies do however contain a greater number of exclusions so it is extremely important to understand the extent of such exclusions and seek advice from a specialist PI insurance broker.

I need professional indemnity insurance to secure a contract - do you provide proof of cover?

Yes – Once your cover has been confirmed by our Advisors you will be issued with your insurance schedule and documentation.

Is my past work covered?


Professional Indemnity Insurance works differently from general commercial insurance policies. It provides cover for your past works, but it is essential that you keep a suitable level of coverage either based on your past projects/clients or based on your contractual commitments.

I am closing down my practice, do I need Run Off Cover?


Run Off coverage applies where a company ceases to trade, sells its assets or merges with another entity. The policy provides coverage specifically for any acts occurring prior to the date on which the company/entity ceased trading, sold its assets or merged.

It is common also where individual directors of companies or partners of professional firms have retired or relinquished their positions.

How do I access to free legal helpline?

DWF LLP provides fast, efficient telephone assistance for one-off queries relating to the conduct of your business. The aim of the service is to point you in the right direction in relation to matters of concern.

It is not a substitute for full legal advice from your own solicitor. Common enquiries relate to:

  • Construction problems in the construction industry
  • Problems encountered on site
  • Procedures for pursuing/defending claims
  • Copyright issues
  • Party Wall Act issues
  • Certification issues

Legal Assistance & Claims Handling helpline*: 0161 603 5394

Scott Place
2 Hardman Street
M3 3AA


*(This helpline will not be able to assist with your insurance requirements. Your insurance requirements should be directed towards MFL on 0161 237 7738)

How do I access the free Appointment and Contract Vetting service?

An additional benefit to your PI policy is a vetting service to assist you in establishing whether non-standard appointment agreements and/or collateral warranties impose obligations.

  • The advice is free
  • The advice you receive is from our own experienced and qualified team from the outset
  • A five working day response
  • A simpler ‘traffic light’ comments and amendments system

Accessing the service

Simply email your request to or call 0161 237 7738 to discuss your requirements.

Who are MFL Insurance Group

MFL are insurance brokers, specialising in Professional Indemnity, Liability, Property and Cyber Insurance, and Claims and Risk Management services.

For over 20 years, we have worked with institutes and organisations to create insurance, claims and risk management benefits for their membership.

We are passionate about our clients’ insurance requirements, offering extensive technical knowledge and experience within all insurance markets.

Driven to provide great client experiences, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and proposition.

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